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Art History in the Making: Video Interview

Documenting Guadalcanal Requiem - Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik. In 1976, Peter Hardy was one of the four art students accompanying Moorman/Paik in filming Guadalcanal Requiem in the Solomon Islands. Michael Waite from the Kaldor Public Art Projects interviews Peter Hardy, Graham Hallet and Richard Maude about this incredible month in a video published by National Gallery Singapore.

During the nineteen seventies Australian and International art schools were exploring the transformation of television and video into new art forms, this was demonstrated within the newly formed Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education (AMCAE) Sydney. 


In 1976 Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik were invited to Australia for the John Kaldor Project No. 5. Their video performances included Recitals and Ice Music for Sydney AGNSW Candy,(Easter Bunny) Coventry Gallery and Sky Kiss, Sydney Opera House. In Adelaide Ice Music for Adelaide, Adelaide Festival Plaza, Flying Cello, Elder Park and Cello Sonata, Adelaide Festival Theatre roof top.


Four AMCAE art students had written a letter to Paik via John Kaldor Projects, offering their services with documenting the Moorman/Paik performances. Their services were accepted and after a month of documentation, the students were invited by Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik to travel with them to the Solomon Islands to film Guadalcanal Requiem.


The four art students accompanying Moorman/Paik were Peter Hardy, Graham Hallet, Richard Maude and Michael Pursche. Forty-three years later the Kaldor Art Project team presented Making Art Public: 50 Years of Kaldor Public Art Projects  that reviewed all their past projects including the Moorman/ Paik collaborations. The former art students were included in an oral history recording recounting their experiences with the Moorman/Paik process.  

Video: 10 Questions with Michael Waite, Graham Hallett, Peter Hardy and Richard Maude 
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National Gallery Singapore’s exhibition Nam June Paik: The Future is Now, opening 10 Dec 2021

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June Paik photo 5  mar 1976.jpg

Charlotte Moorman TV Cello 

Photo courtesy of Peter Hardy 1976

Nam June Paik

Photo courtesy of Peter Hardy 1976

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No artist has had a greater influence in imagining and realising the artistic potential of video and television than Nam June Paik. Through a vast array of installations, video-tapes, global television productions, films and performances, Paik has reshaped our perceptions of the temporal image in contemporary art.”


Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik, setting up TV Cello 

Photo courtesy of Peter Hardy 1976

The Worlds of Nam June Paik

John G. Hanhardt

Senior Curator of Film and Media Arts

Guggenheim Museum, New York

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