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Peter Hardy

Sydney based artist. 




Peter Hardy’s art practice is multi-disciplined embracing both two and three dimensional works. His paintings, drawings and collages explore an asemic approach to calligraphy and mark making which often references meditation and zen. He also acknowledges the influence of such artists as Mark Toby, Pierre Alechinsky, Robert Rauschenberg and Antoni Tapies, and more recently Henri Michaux and Cy Twombly.


His canvas and paper works offer a hybrid art form that fuses and unifies text and image before releasing it for free subjective interpretation. His quasi-calligraphic mark making touches on Hardy’s inner journeying, mindful of the present moment. The artworks are  layered with personal symbols and text, yet the open nature of the content allows for meaning to occur across and beyond linguistic understanding.


Hardy’s sculpture, assemblage and installations are comprised of found objects re-cycled,  repurposed and re-contextualised into new existing entities. They are anarchic in the sense that the disparate elements change from their original meaning to make creative and/or surprising connections. A sense of play can often underpin his art making process, unfettered by prescriptive thinking and overt narrative, the artworks arise spontaneously and somewhat bizarrely into existence.



Long before I started assembling artworks into collage or sculpture, I had a love of history and was studying archeology at Sydney University.


This early passion for discovery, the construction of histories and the revealing of what had been concealed, is all part of my art making. I have found this passion of delving into past lives coincides with my own inner journeying. This internal language, particularly in relation to recent events concerning my own mortality, is continuously evolving as an integral part of my art-making process.” 

Exhibitions / CV


Rock,Paper,Scissors, Delmar Gallery, Sydney



Peter Hardy Unplugged, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney


Hidden 2017, Rookwood Sculpture,Sydney



Studio 36, Peter Hardy, Sydney


peterhardy@2026, Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Sydney

Beastly, Delmar Gallery, Sydney


Phillips & Hardy, BDAS Gallery, Bowral

Mosman Art Prize 2013

Shelflife, Delmar Gallery, Sydney



Shift Exhibition, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney



Modern Ritual, Delmar Gallery, Sydney

Shelflife, Delmar Gallery, Sydney



Remakes + recycles, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney

The Directors Cut, Blake Prize, Sydney

Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, Sydney


Shelflife, Delmar Gallery, Sydney

The Collectors, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney


Studio 36, Peter Hardy, Sydney



Mosman Art Prize 2007, Sydney

Blake Prize, Sydney



Blake Prize, Sydney and touring



Blake Prize, Sydney and touring

Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award
Mosman Art Prize 2005



Blake Prize, Sydney and touring
Just Walking, S P Gallery Danks Street Sydney 

Sculpture in the Vines, Hunter Valley NSW

Casuarina Sculpture Walk Tweed River Art Gallery.

Mosman Art Prize 2004



S P Gallery, Danks Street Sydney

Blake Prize, Sydney and touring

Sculpture in the Vines, Hunter Valley NSW




S P Gallery Danks Street Sydney


Vessel, Lake Macquarie Regional Gallery
(Artist Residency Project, collaboration with the Strutt twins)




Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of NSW
Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, Sydney


BMG Fine Art, Sydney  


June Paik photo 5  mar 1976.jpg


Art History in the Making: Video Interview

In 1976, Peter Hardy was one of the four art students accompanying Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik in filming Guadalcanal Requiem in the Solomon Islands. Watch a video interview about this incredible month in a video published by National Gallery Singapore.



Early Hardy 70's - 80's: Assemblage Art

Peter Hardy speaks on the nature of his work. Hardy’s practice is driven by an early attraction to archeology and calligraphy. His art crosses the disciplines of painting, collage, drawing, assemblage, sculpture and installation. 


Photo Gallery

Peter Hardy Exhibition @Sheffer Gallery

View images from Peter Hardy’s Unplugged exhibition featuring paintings, collage and assemblage held at the Sheffer Gallery, Sydney November, 2019

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