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Early Hardy 70's - 80's: Assemblage Art

Peter Hardy speaks on the nature of his work.

Hardy’s practice is driven by an early attraction to archeology and calligraphy. His art crosses the disciplines of painting, collage, drawing, assemblage, sculpture and installation. He quite often oscillates between these disciplines, one nourishing the other with new energy, ideas and discoveries.


"The process of sifting through layers of discarded pieces is profoundly satisfying to me, whether it be the discovery of found objects or an immersion into the inner language of self." 


Hardy prefers found objects which bare the scars of a past existence, and when reassembled into an art context can emit an unpretentious sensitivity, that readily connects with the viewer. The objects tend to be distressed by time and circumstance: tarnished metals, bruised timbers and dismembered industrial components, a time removed.

His earlier assemblage works are more obviously influenced by his studies in archeology at Sydney University, the works have a feel for pre-christian art and carry a strong anthropomorphic or narrative quality.



Chariot 1988

Wood, metal
42 x 15 x 37 cm

Standing Figure 1990

Wood, metal, mixed media
120 x 41 x 14 cm

BILL AND THE BATTLE_edited_edited_edited.jpg

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